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Sunday, 28-Jan-2007 00:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Australia here WE come

Last entry...
Disaster has struck. Next to nothing shopping done! Me in bed first day; Carrie second day. Have a few hours left and now I have to stay close to a loo. Charming!

But it's been a very interesting month. Terracotta warriers, seeing Mt Everest probably the highlights. But also some very very interesting places to see. Just a shame about Everest Base Camp. Wonder if chains on the wheels would have helped.

Carrie's 30 today. Put 3 matches in a banana and took a photo. Not even time to buy a suitable present here. (Thanks for wishes, Kath.)

See/talk to you all soon.
ps Carrie is coming home now too...sick of being cold and sick! Looking forward to some sun!!!!

Thursday, 25-Jan-2007 22:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
End of the road (and river)

Hey again.
Well. it's been a LONG week since our last entry...
Now in Shanghai, waiting for the reception to open so we can check in. Mum is sick on the couch, not sure of what (she's blaming the dried yak meat), but was an eventful 17 hour bus ride from Yichang.
Tibet was great...that is after my first 3 days of food poisoning. From something we had in Xian 2 days before but took that long to have an effect...and a whole course of antibiotics to end! Altitude added to this and I wasn't a happy chappy. It did mean that mum had to venture out alone for the first time! Think this added to my fears! Was all good in the end, and we left for Everest on 3rd day there. Landscape was surreal. Perhaps just coz it was winter, but bloody barren place. Amazing to think that a bird survives let alone all the yaks, goats, sheep and humans! Everest was impressive, as were all the other mountains (in and out of himalayan group). I'm sure the $10 camera we bought will have captured the essence entirely!!
Went on to Yangtse from there. We arrived at airport in Chongqing 2 hours late to catch bus to boat so instead went in racing minibus to find them...another story for the collection! The "cruise boat" was a crack that is. So long as no one opened the bathroom door mum could stand being in our room! The gorges were understandably impressive, and so is the dam that will drown them (well, 25m of them). And they say things are big in Texas!
Anyhow, again, we are in Shanghai. Only half hour to waste before a room can be found...soon to be shopping. yippee...I love shopping...and mum LOVES to take me shopping too! Should be a great end to the holiday!!!!!!! (it actually will be if we can find a good hot shower, it's been more than a few days now!)
Hope everyone is well and happy (and clean)!
love Carrie and Alison

Tuesday, 16-Jan-2007 13:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tibet bound

Sorry, no panda crossings to be found. We did do a "Buddha phone home" shot with a buddha adorned public telephone outside the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of KungFu). And plenty of other photos that we think are hilarious now, but perhaps you lot might just smile politely...

Doing one last entry before an expected week break in Tibet. Camera was taken today on way back from Big Buddha (71m high buddha carved into mountain) so may not have any more photos to add to the photo page afterall!!! Can't help bad luck! Thankfully I'd saved all the photos (bar the ones from today) onto my memory stick so don't have to go back and buy postcards of all the places so far.

Jamie, Andrea and Elliott: hope your new jobs are going great.
Tessa, Dan: hope your new lives are brilliant!! (happy travelling on Thursday and love to Dirk)

Monday, 15-Jan-2007 07:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Internet connections very spasmodic so rarely able to update this page. Have been to see the Hanging Monastry and caves with Buddha statues near Datong; Shaolin Temple (birthplace of kung fu); terra cotta warriors; and saw pandas today. Expect to go to Tibet in a couple of days.

China is really amazing. Always people with brooms and mops.

Carrie is navigating brilliantly. Practises her Chinese on anyone who will listen. I just follow. My job is to do the washing. Mainly smalls as expecting trousers to walk soon after they can stand up by themselves. Look like a Michelin man (as Dirk always says). Wanted to blame the water bottle, tissues, toilet paper (must be a folder), passport, spare gloves, but fear it could be all me. Can't understand why there has been no weight loss. Must be the noodles, noodles, dumplings, dumplings.

Sunday, 7-Jan-2007 22:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Okay okay! We're here again

Lama temple in Beijing. Fav so far
Chair skating pros...hardly killed anyone!
Ice basket at Ice Festival
View all 4 photos...
Hey all,
Had some issues with finding usable internet...English script can be slow to deal with here.
In the meantime, we've been north to Narnia (otherwise known as Haerbin) for the snow and ice festival. Mum was very excited to be able to go 'backpacking' for the first time...overnight train. The hard sleepers are plush if you ask me. Although the round-about way we had to go to get there was interesting!
Ice festival was amazing. Hopefully the photos will show this. Went skiing yesterday...hmmm. Definitely could have skipped that one. Perhaps if we'd worked out where we were actually going that might have helped...things you learn!
The chair skating on the other hand, was a crack up. Recommend to all!
Now back in Beijing after an overnighter and on to another overnighter to Datong tonight. Who needs sleep eh? We prefer to be around public transport germies!
Talk to you all again soon.

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